Doctor Comments

Doctor’s Comments

Ranveer Nand Quote (Mequon WI): 

Lorenzo, your outcome has been nothing short of miraculous.  I recall vividly when we first met 10/8/18.  And as you recall, at the time I predicted a very poor outcome, given the type of disease and its advanced stage, as well as your condition at the time.  For lack of a better phrase, “standard treatment” you went through included chemotherapy with immunotherapy in October 2018 at the Mayo Clinic.  You continued immunotherapy (Keytruda) here with me for a few doses February through April 2019.  From that relatively short amount of treatment, I would not have expected such a good outcome, in that multiple CT scans since then have essentially shown no active disease.  What I mean to say is — this result of being disease-free is more than I could explain from the medical therapies given.  In other words, I cannot explain medically this excellent result.  I am sure you and your wonderful wife have explanations, though!  It goes to show that one’s physical well being is likely a combination of many factors, some of which go beyond traditional medical therapies.



Dr. Fernando Quevedo Quote (Rochester MN)


Fantastic response, never seen any like it before. We had no real option for this kind Cancer Diagnosis, this cancer returned very aggressively. We offered Williams a Just one dose of Chem for what usually takes 3 – 4 months of Chemotherapy. Even after taking the Chemotherapy there was a low chance of recovery, Because  If you had 100 people that have this kind of sarcomatous carcinoma type of cancer.  the Cancer is so Rare and very aggressive,  Even with the 3-4 months of chemo the survival rate is 10-15% so very low.  According to scientists, this situation That accrued with Mr. Williams is very unusual.




image of Lorenzo Williams with Dr. posing